Prevention Policy for Covid-19

As the situation evolves day to day. Our top priority during these challenging times is the health and safety of our BossGirl A-Z family and our extended family which includes YOU our supporters, your family, and the community that helps ensure your package delivers to you from us. 
Please know that we thoroughly clean and sanitize our work areas. BossGirl A-Z sterilizes every container and tube with alcohol. Our Stand mixer, (PURCHASED ONLY for THE MIXING of Boss Butter) our hair products have their own mixer, utensils and hand blenders are Dawn washed and sanitized. YES! We invested BIG into our business. We love OUR business and know that our products are as amazing as we say.
We are an LLC so BossGirl A-Z follows all state and local policies. Proper handwashing has been taught and always followed, even prior to Covid-19 disposable vinyl gloves are worn during the making of the products, fulfillment of your orders, and as we prepare your order for pickup for USPS.
NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES Unless we ship wrong item, you keep that one and we send out another.
We do capture pictures of every order. So we know what it looks like before leaving us and we triple check to ensure your order is correct the FIRST time. 
So relax, enjoy and shop assured with us!
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