BossGirl A-Z was branded and named by us, our mom & grandma. I Amylah am the oldest and 1st daughter and my lil sister Zariyah is the last daughter of my mom. My other sister was added into the business a little later her name is Zaira. However, we love playing ROBLOX, my life and Barbie, playing in makeup, making lip gloss. Boss butter, hair oils, slime, laughing and going to amusement parks with all our siblings and family. We come from generations of smart, beautiful, fashionista queens. We LOVE God, our parents/family, going to school and you. And as far as I can remember, our mom has been instilling in us being a leader, positivity, quality vs quantity and being a person that makes a difference in life. She calls us her "A&Z" (1st and last daughter)

My mom is her own boss and does hair fulltime. Her hair clients love her and would always encourage her to create and sell hair products. She first started using our hair and men products on our family. And it ended up being a game changer. Our parents have locs and our oil alone grew their hair and the oil and Chebe boost grew ours and kept it moisturized.

The men care is amazing rated 5 stars by over 100 males. Our mom worked night and day on formulating the products. Very frustrated at times but she did not give up and we are so happy she did not. Since then we have shipped our products all over the world.

Boss Butter was made as well for us by our mom. We aren't the only kids with eczema, so we decided to share what works for our skin, with the world. We make the best quality body butter your skin has ever felt plus it smells amazing. Our signature scent will have you in love.

Our lip gloss is literally a must have-lasting moisture (no need to keep applying). Also when shopping with us you are helping other black owned businesses for the items we outsource to bring to our business Enjoy and shop happily without worrying IF your going to like your purchase. We ship fast, make products with love and truly appreciate you for choosing us.

                                                       IT'S TIME TO STEP UP & BOSS UP 

                                                                  -BOSSGIRL A&Z


I am Kanesha A&Z MOM. Then we have Jessika my Ace (BossGirl Zaira's mom) on the team that handles a little bit of everything for the girls business. Gwen is their grandma is their event wardrobe stylist and more. We as a team create quality must have beauty products.   

I believe teaching self love and care can start early, if we introduce this lifestyle to our children early. Teaching them how to love the skin they're in NO MATTER who doesn't like them etc. Your child is beautiful no matter the color of their skin, the size of their clothes, the style of their hair, where they come from etc. We have the ability as parents and guardians to raise strong minded individuals.

There is so much bullying going on that BossGirl A-Z had to be created to boost and encourage confidence.

Amylah inspired me to start this business for them. She shared with me a bullying incident that happened at her school. And boi did it make me mad! But my child stood up for another persons child that she says she barely knows. And when I tell you I was proud, it felt so good as a mother. Kids can be so mean these days so we have to prepare our children.

Letting our girls know their beautiful and/or boys that their handsome goes much further than you think. Also speaking life into them everyday. For example: Your a smart kid.. Always do your best. Also make them look into the mirror and speak life upon their self. Confidence is beautiful and our products help little girls and boys on up to elderly feel and look their very best.

Adding in our safety defense line is like the icing on the cake. I feel that talking about strangers is really good but giving some protection along with knowledge is best needed in 2021. We have to protect our children, the elderly and us women out here. That is a beautiful thing if you ask me so BOSS UP



Owner of BossGirl A-Z LLC & Grade A Styles